Domino the Sloth

Domino Hanging Out in Lachine

Who is Domino?

Hi! I'm Domino. I'm a three-toed sloth who likes to travel, meet people and discover books to read. This summer I've decided to divide my time between Lachine (QC) and Athabasca (AB). They've offered me free memberships at the Alice B. Donahue Library and Archives as well as at both of the libraries in Lachine (Saul-Bellow and Saint-Pierre), so I won't even have to buy any books! I'm very excited. They're also giving me free access to computers (can you believe it?) so I'll be able to write in this blog about all the people I meet, the books I read and the places I discover. I hope you'll enjoy reading about my travels! I promise, I'll post lots of pictures! Oh, and if you have any questions, for me, I'll be happy to answer them!

If you'd like to know more about me and keep up with my adventures visit my website: